Monday, 4 February 2013

Chitrasanthe 2013

Chitra Santhe Mascot
An annual event in Bangalore, Chitrasanthe literally means “Art Bazaar”. 10 years since its inception, Chitrasanthe has been going strong. Kumarakrupa road turned into an art street and this year has about 1200 stalls across the country, with the artists selling /talking about their art work. Name the kind of painting it was there, be it abstract, tribal, madhubani, tanjore, rajasthani miniature, embossed, renaissance period, mixed medium, patachitra, batik .. the list is endless. It’s not just the paintings but there were stalls for sculptures, terracotta , fabric painted dress materials and a few photographs. There were so many different ways to represent the same. The artists vision and view on how they look at various aspects and bring them to life is an experience for everyone. The place vibes with enthusiasm and passion. If it needs to be described in a 2 to 3 words they would be “a riot of colour and creativity”.

The state dance forms were showcased and there was an impromptu participation by the volunteers in the event adding to the spirit of the event.

Nirbhaya has inspired a couple of artists. One is a mixed medium painting and a clay model in the making.


Some images from Chitrasanthe

Pictures on display

Camel out of waster material
A friend @ work

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